Security & Emergency Platform

Proacts offers a complete mobile safety and security solution that leverages modern-day mobile usage and social networking for safety and security purposes. Proacts' technology harnesses information from users, emergency lines and open sources to keep our clients informed and help them manage their assets. Our solution includes personal safety apps, cloud-based desktop solutions, mobile response tools and more.


Secure communication

  • A secure channel between users and operational center
  • “Crowd wisdom” feature leverages users’ knowledge to enhance situational awareness and prioritize next steps

Community smart sensors

  • Collect and share data from the best sources closest to the situation
  • Cross-referenced with ongoing open-source intelligence gathering
  • Emergency/panic button for citizens or community members

Forensics tools

  • Store all incoming and outgoing activity
  • Identify connections from within the data, internal/legacy sources and web to identify patterns and insights

Configurable & Customizable


Open APIs

Ingest any data feed

White label