Proacts App

Our solution empowers enterprises to provide personal security to their staff. Proacts’ easy-to-use mobile app for your employees is connected to the command & control center and turns their smartphones into individual panic buttons with geolocation and real-time communication capabilities. On the same platform, you can track your personnel, in any part of the world, as well as share data from their mobile devices to ensure their safety.


One-touch panic alert

  • Instantly alert your emergency contacts
  • Display your exact location
  • Trigger two-way communication for assistance
  • Instantly dial 911 or any other emergency number

‘Walk with Me’ Safety Tracker

Whenever they feel a threat, app users can tap and hold a phone screen to allow desk personnel to virtually escort them and track their journey, in real time. If they let go of the screen before the journey is finished — the closest rescue team will be dispatched immediately.

  • One button to notified user contacts and shared location in real time
  • Instant two-way communication for assistance

Geolocation notification

  • Send messages to users geofenced to their specific location
  • Two-way communication as the situation evolves
  • Users see only relevant information
  • Collect and share photos, text and video

Incident reporting & collaboration

  • Quickly identify and report suspicious behavior
  • Distribute critical data to crisis teams and security
  • Initiate group response and collaboration