Informed communities are safe communities

Safety, control, logistics

Proacts takes data from users, emergency services and open sources to build a complete pictures of threats, positions, patterns and logistics in your community or organization.

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Security and emergency desk platform

Desk personnel analyze data in real time and work alongside integrated legacy systems to dispatch the appropriate resources, via highly secure communication tools. We offer a one-stop-shop solution for all your security and emergency management.


Personal security app

Our solution empowers enterprises to provide personal security to their staff. An easy-to-use mobile app for your employees is connected to the command & control center and turns their smartphones into individual panic buttons with geolocation and real-time communication capabilities. On the same platform, you can track your personnel, in any part of the world, as well as share data from their mobile devices to ensure their safety.


How it works

Proacts systems harness the power of individuals in a community and provide them with the most advanced safety mobile tools and applications.


Identifies irregular
signs of suspicious

Incident response

Customizable for
any environment

Leverages latest

Real-time two way

life safety